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Emmanuel Church is mainstream Christian church, teaching what the vast majority of Christians have believed for centuries.  This is reflected in our Statement of Faith, which is a summary of the core things we believe as Christians who take their cue from the Bible.  The heart of all these things we believe is the good news of Jesus Christ.  We want to be clearly explaining and loving this good news all the time in all we do.

You might call us an evangelical, independent Anglican church.  Let us explain what we mean by that.

Emmanuel Church is an evangelical church
The word has a long history but an ‘evangelical’ can be most simply defined as ‘a Bible person’ and ‘a gospel person’.  We want Emmanuel to be a Bible church and a gospel church.

In describing ourselves as a Bible church, we are really talking about how we know what we know as Christians and why we believe what we believe.  In The Thirty-Nine Articles, which is the basis for the doctrine of the Church of England, the Bible is described as ‘God’s word written’; it’s what God says to us.  That’s why it is our ‘supreme authority’, and everything we do as a church is to be measured against what he has told us in the Bible.  To quote the Christian writer and leader John Stott, ‘we should be ready to modify, or even abandon, any or all of our cherished beliefs if they can be shown to be unbiblical.’

To be a gospel church means holding fast to certain key truths about human nature and salvation, and holding fast to them not for the sake of theological smugness, but because they are ‘good news’ to proclaim to a lost world.  At the cross of Christ – the son of God who died in our place, taking the punishment we deserve, and who triumphed over death – God did all that was needed to win our forgiveness and eternal life.  We believe that God has placed us here in Bramcote to share this gospel with our neighbours and friends.

Emmanuel Church is an independent Anglican church
We are Anglican because we fully identify with the historic position of the Church of England in terms of its belief.  The Church of England’s doctrine ‘is grounded in the holy Scriptures, and in such teachings of the ancient Fathers and Councils of the Church as are agreeable to the said Scriptures.  In particular such doctrine is to be found in the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Ordinals’.  We stand full-square with that.

At the same time, we are independent of the structures of the Church of England, in terms of things like Bishops and Dioceses and are free to create our own policies on particular issues.  But we still think in terms of the local parish as the area we particularly are committed to love and to serve, by reaching out to tell people here about Jesus.  We’re also doing all we can to build networks and friendship with other churches who share our convictions about the Bible and about the gospel.

To find out more about the gospel we believe, head over to our ‘considering Jesus’ page.  You can also read our Statement of Faith here.

When and Where

Sundays at 10.30am at Bramcote College, Moor Lane, Bramcote, NG9 3GA

Legal Info

Emmanuel Church, Bramcote is a registered charity in England and Wales (1157080,). Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (08898983).

This means that our accounts are regularly submitted to the charity commission and companies house for scrutiny and that financial gifts to Emmanuel can be gift-aided.

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