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Our Ministry Trainee Scheme is a year-long training opportunity to help people grow in their love, knowledge and service of God in the context of working for a church full-time.  We’re currently advertising for Ministry Trainees for 2013-14, to start in September 2013.  Read on for more information about what the role would entail and whether it would be suitable for you.

The Aim Of The Scheme
Our purpose is to contribute to the training of pastors and evangelists of the highest quality in conviction, character and competence, passing on not so much a methodology for ministry as a set of values, beliefs and passions appropriate for ministers of Christ.  We believe that spending a year as something like one of our Ministry Trainees provides almost indispensable training and preparation in how to study and teach the Bible and how to do gospel ministry.  It will be of especially great value to those who are considering whether full-time Bible teaching is the best way they can serve the Lord Jesus, even if they end up serving in another capacity.

We are not seeking to employ Ministry Trainees as a cheap way to get staff.  We believe that we can offer a training environment where a couple of people each year can expect to grow enormously in their ministry experience and skills, and throughout it all, in increasing Christlike character.  We will be committed to those we employ, treating them as full members of the church, more concerned for their spiritual maturing in Christ than for what we can get out of them.

As a church, we will gain from the year by adding a few extra workers to our committed church family, and also through all that the Ministry Trainees will bring to us in terms of their own ideas, hard work and leadership.  But we see this year far more as an opportunity for us to give, both to the Ministry Trainees themselves, and also to the wider church as these trainees eventually probably leave us for future ministry elsewhere.

What Would You Do?
Our Ministry Trainees’ time will be divided into three roughly equal parts:

  • training – being taught the Bible
  • ministry – teaching it to others
  • service – assisting in practical tasks

In each, the exact opportunities will be tailored to the Ministry Trainee’s gifts and previous experience.

Ministry Trainees will attend the Midlands Ministry Training Course East which runs locally each week, over three ten-week terms.  This course has run successfully in Birmingham for many years and Emmanuel has recently helped to set up this Nottingham-based version of the course, attracting students from across the region, with Nigel Styles as the current course director.  Ministry Trainees will also be encouraged to attend other conferences and will be part of our Equip group (see here for more details).

Ministry Trainees will receive regular one-to-one oversight from our Senior Minister.  They will also join in the various training events and courses which are run throughout the year at Emmanuel.  Alongside this, much also is ‘caught’ rather than ‘taught’; learning informally by involvement in daily church life and subsequent theological reflection.

Ministry Trainees will each have one significant Bible-teaching responsibility which may be leading a weekly small group Bible study (with adults, or young people, or children), one-to-one Bible studies, and (where appropriate) preaching and giving talks.  Ministry Trainees would get experience helping in each of our e-kids groups.  We will also encourage our Ministry Trainees to take part in the leadership team of a youth camp during the school summer holiday, with time set aside for preparation and training during the year.

Because this is a training programme, in a second year (if such a step were considered appropriate) additional opportunities would be added, including the possibility of involvement as a trainer of others.

Our Ministry Trainees will be trained and involved in various practical, administrative and physical tasks that help the church run smoothly.  This experience allows for first-hand observation of a wide range of church activities, including some in which the Ministry Trainee would not be otherwise directly involved.  This would involve setting up and packing away for our Sunday services, playing in the music group, helping with administrative tasks and various other things as they come up.

Is This The Role For You?
We are looking for people who are teachable, keen to learn and willing to grow.  At the same time, the responsibilities we intend for our trainees will best suit those who have already had some experience of Christian leadership and have demonstrated an aptitude for handling God’s word and explaining it to others.  A key question in the interview will be ‘how have you already been exercising the kind of ministry this year will train you in?’

We are looking for evidence of (or the potential for) the following qualities which we would seek to develop in you.  Read through them prayerfully now, asking if these fairly describe you:

Conviction (Knowledge)

  • Bible study: A student of the bible, committed to the Bible as the revealed and reliable Word of God, together with the desire and skills to read and apply the Bible.
  • Thinking theologically: A sound understanding of the gospel and the ability to reflect theologically about Christian ministry.

Character (Attitudes and Attributes)

  • Prayer and holiness: A mature Christian life characterised by love for and trust in God, expressed in reliance on the power of God in prayer.  A commitment to personal integrity, especially in the areas of faithfulness, truthfulness, purity and self-control.
  • Servant of others: A humble, self-giving attitude towards others, reflecting sober judgement and pastoral sensitivity. The ability to listen and build rapport and trust. Open to feedback and teachable.

Competencies (Ministry Skills)

  • Evangelism: Proclaiming the gospel in reliance on the Holy Spirit, with a heart for the lost and with sympathy for the background of the hearers, in personal and group contexts.  A commitment to world evangelism.
  • Teaching the Bible: Proclaiming the gospel and building mature Christians by teaching the Bible in personal, small group and public settings to children, young people and adults.
  • Training others in ministry: Pro-actively looking to identify giftedness and potential in individuals, equipping them in the word of God and godly living and with the vision and skills to minister to others.
  • Leadership: Motivating, inspiring and organising people to work together in teams, setting clear vision, thinking and acting strategically and taking initiatives to break new ground for the gospel.
What Next?
If you’ve read this and you think that you would benefit from our Ministry Trainee Scheme, then get in touch with us via our contact page.  If you’re already a regular at Emmanuel, why not speak to Nigel or one of the staff or Leadership Team about this possibility.  We can talk about how it would work in terms of finances and accommodation, as well as discuss the interview process and what the year might look like for you individually.

When and Where

Sundays at 10.30am at Bramcote College, Moor Lane, Bramcote, NG9 3GA

Legal Info

Emmanuel Church, Bramcote is a registered charity in England and Wales (1157080,). Registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales (08898983).

This means that our accounts are regularly submitted to the charity commission and companies house for scrutiny and that financial gifts to Emmanuel can be gift-aided.

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